What is FuranFlex?

FuranFlex is based on a glass fibre reinforced thermosetting resin, which is as strong as steel when set, but has much better corrosion resistance than other chimney lining methods. It is extremely thin (circa 3mm), has no joints and is installed by  factory trained engineers, providing the guaranteed solution for all lining applications.

Where does FuranFlex come from?

FuranFlex was developed in Hungary over 20 years ago and over 3 million metres have been installed throughout Europe since its introduction. It is established as the No1 in Europe and over 800 succesful installations have been carried out in the UK in the last 12 months.

How does FuranFlex work?

A FuranFlex tube consists of three layers which, when delivered, takes the form of a soft flexible tube folded into a compact pack. The FuranFlex liner comes deflated and has to be inserted into the flue before being inflated to the flue size. Once the liner is in place a steam generator is attached and it is heated. Once hardened, the FuranFlex liner is as strong as steel liners and provides a perfect gas tight lining ready to use. The installation process of FuranFlex is very clean and non intrusive with most installations completed in one day.

Furanflex Chimney Lining:

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