The Eldfast Cermaic Lining System

eclAs an approved  installation contractor with ELDFAST, we are able to offer one of the most recent developments in chimney relining. The system involves applying a ceramic type lining material that does not contain lime or cement and can, therefore withstand continuous exposure to extreme temperatures. It has been tested by Wimlas and BISRIA to conform to current building regulations.

INSTALLATION.   The base of the chimney is plugged and held in position by a cable attached to a winch on the chimney top. Liquid lining material is poured into the chimney to completely cover the plug which is then pulled to the top of the flue. The plug forces the lining material onto the internal surface sealing any cracks and fissures and leaving a smooth coating. Several coats can be added if necessary. The lining material may only be 3-4mm thick and so does not reduce the overall flue size by a large factor.

An ELDFAST brochure is available to download from our Case Studies page.




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