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We are a specialist company providing solutions for chimney and flue problems of all types.

Whether you are having problems with smoke leaking into rooms; restoring an old building and re-opening disused chimneys; suffering from staining of chimney walls (inside or outside) or changing your fire to a modern multifuel appliance, we can provide the right solution for you.

Listed buildings, highly sensitive decorations and ridged timescales are all issues that we deal with day to day! We are trained and experienced in all forms of flue lining and repairs – our services include the following:

Chimney Relining – most buildings constructed before 1965 would not have chimney liners in their original construction – they are usually rendered on the inside with a lime mortar known as ‘parged’. This parging suffers attack from acids and tars produced by combustion and gradually deteriorates. The flue then leaks fumes and/or tars into the walls and other parts of the home. Homes built since 1965 also suffer flue problems due to badly installed flue liners. We offer a range of lining solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of the particular building and take into account factors such as:

✔ The size of the flue required

✔ Whether the flue is straight or not

✔ The proposed use of the chimney

✔ How practical it is to gain access to the flue through existing decoration

The solutions we offer include:

✔ The NACE Cast Insitu Pumped Chimney Lining System

✔ Furanflex Chimney Lining

✔ Eldfast Ceramic Coatings

✔ Stainless Steel Flexible Flue Liners

Multi-fuel appliance installations …Smoke Testing…Cowl supply and fitting.


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